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Eppo’s career in the world of communication and Radio began more than twenty years ago in his native Barcelona when he began an internship at Radio Sant Esteve FM, a station located in a town near Barcelona, in the Penedés region, where the world famous Catalan Cava is produced. Its proximity to the city of Barcelona allowed him to interact with many people dedicated to the world of radio, television and art.


Eppo is a writer and columnist in various journals and magazines, and was editor of the newspaper “El periódico de la Comarca. As a broadcaster and journalist in MetropolisFM and currently Gestiona Radio, he has a diverse array of knowledge and expirience, being its radio program "La tarde de Eppo", an amalgam of interviews and magazines, with guests from all disciplines who drive him from the world of fashion and design, to psychology, from the biological decoding, to the most interesting and passionate about the business or union world debates, but what he is most passionate about, is the research and programs that not only entertain but also that "Make the listeners think".


One of these programs, for which Eppo feels a special conection, is performed with his partner and friend the archaeologist and researcher Santiago García Lorca a highly successful program entitled "Versión Desconocida" where they delve, within the world of mystery and the unknown, the past and history, a program that each week surprises with the presence of different collaborators and exciting topics, different points of view, giving the audience each week a different subject and its "hidden secrets" ...


Gestiona Radio
Cartagena y Mar Menor 101.5
Murcia 92.6