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Decorate the living room or any other room with art is the dream, not only of painting and sculpture lovers, but anyone with good taste and aesthetic criteria. The main reason to buy a work of art must be that it fits your sensitivity. Never buy a piece just for decoration, it must have a message, an element that brings you something. Art has a cultural component that is above the decor. "First the artwork grabs you, then you find the right place for it" Eppo Cardelo�s works not leave anyone indifferent, because of its strength, its color and the message behind them.


Absurdo y Ocultos // Absurd & Hidden


El �rbol de la vida // The tree of life

El �rbol de la vida // The tree of life

Diciembre // December

Entre vecinos // Neightbors

Las flores que te deb�a // The flowers that I owed you --- La vela azul // Blue candle

Genesis // Genesis

Baile nocturno // Night Dance

Tormenta // Storm --- Octopus // Octopus

Recuerdos // Memories

Reflejos // Reflections


Anochecer sobre las salinas // Dusk on the salt flats

Se�ales // Signals

Soledad // Solitude

El valle azul // Blue valley

V�rtigo // Vertigo

Las vigilantes de la Aurora // The Guards of the Aurora

El viaje // The Trip