Direct and Forceful.

Composer, singer, expresionist painter, writer, radio-speaker, journalist ...

His whole life is a life experience that has made a direct and forceful composer.

His creations are characterized by strong lyrics that address, from current affairs to the very roots of human feelings.

Gives great prominence to each of the instruments involved in his compositions, being the guitar the real soul of the melodies.

Every one of his songs reflects a part of himself, some of them show us his force and others show us his high sensitivity and thanks to them we guess all the good that is to come.

Self-taught musician, began his studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceu of Barcelona, but his rebellious spirit put him in troubles with his teacher, his understanding of what creation, composition and performance should be, a more simple, practical and intuitive, more natural and less dogmatic, caused that he received " the invitation " to leave the conservatory.
He did so and began to learn on your own, with private lessons and especially practicing at home in his spare time. It was then that he began to meet different groups and musicians with who he began working as vocalist and keyboardist, but none of these "adventures" satisfied his desire to make good music.

So Loor, tired of working with musicians who did not have the same idea of what music is, decided to go to a professional studio in Barcelona and invest all their savings for the recording of their album. He hired several musicians, a solo guitarist, a bass guitar, a sound engineer, female and male choirs, one cellist, all fantastic professionals, who along with Loor singing, playing the piano, keyboards, backing vocals and percussion, recorded the eleven tracks that make up his first album, shown in this side.

You can be sure that it does not leave you indifferent.



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