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In June 2011 was the opening of the showroom of the artist at La Manga Club, there was where the artworks of the artist were displayed for the first time, some of the works of the "Eppocalipsis" collection joined the place with fabulous examples of high decoration made with Italian paintings that covered the walls of the space.
The strength of the colors with the unique combination of gold and various metals give to this show-room a unique personality, the same that Eppo Cardelo always reflects in all his creations.

"Eppo Cardelo, opened on Thursday, January 26, 2012 the exhibition "Eppocalipsis ", including four new works, three of them in commemoration of the" Day of Victims of the Nazi Holocaust. "
The exhibition took place at the renowned British School King's College Murcia and was the one who opened the art gallery of that school.
Not only those attending the exhibition had the opportunity to enjoy the artist's works, but also school students thanks to the fact that this exhibition room permanently hosted its work, thus facilitating the better development of the project "Art in schools"



From November 9 to December 29, 2012, Eppo Cardelo moved from its permanent collection exhibition at Kings College Murcia, to the Exhibition Hall of the Public Library of Torre Pacheco.
The exhibition was a great success, since alongside the exhibition of his paintings, the artist made several lectures for children from different schools of the population, with his "Art at School" project, Eppo is able to approach the art to the children in an original and fun way.


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From October 4 to December 20, 2013, Eppo Cardelo moved his works from its permanent exhibition at King's College Murcia to the exhibition hall of the Cultural Center Ramón Alonso Luzzy of Cartagena.
In this solo exhibition, the artist presented works from his collection "Eppocalipsis" where the spectacular works as "The Tree of Life", "Memories" and also the ones dedicated to the victims of the Nazi Holocaust, arouse interest and admiration of visitors.
At the same time the visitors could enjoy the presentation of "Salvius" wines, whose labels include three of the works of Eppo Cardelo.
Coinciding with the exhibition of his works, the artist made a serie of conferences and lectures in schools and institutions of the town, as part of the project "Art in Schools"

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Eppo Cardelo and Talasur join the "Art & Design" project to merge art and high decoration.
Talasur, company specialized in the construction and integral decoration of unique spaces, always escaping the stereotype of construction and creative conformism, wanted to take one more step on the road to excellence, and in collaboration with the artist Eppo Cardelo, has launched the project called "art & design" , a project aimed to achieve the perfect fusion between art and design of high quality.
Talasur and Eppo Cardelo will put, with the "Art & Design" project, the finishing touch to the creation of the most exclusive designs directed to their most demanding customers from different parts of the world.
As a starting point the "Art & Design" project, Talasur has organized the exhibition of "Eppocalipsis" collection, whose works have been transferred temporarily by the artist to be displayed on the fabulous show-room that Talasur has in the city of Cartagena.
A fantastic opportunity to enjoy the exceptional works of Eppo Cardelo with a fabulous display of designs created by Talasur.

>>Information in the newspaper "La Verdad"

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Life on the rails
On Saturday 31 May 2014 at 20:00 took place the opening of the exhibition of industrial archeology LIFE ON THE RAILS, in the railway station of the Barrio Peral, now disused and located in the famous Green Mile of Cartagena. The facility has been restored a few years ago and is now used by the Barrio Peral scout group.
The exhibition dealt with everyday life in a railway station in the early twentieth century and for the occasion have been recovered original objects from Cartagena halt, materials assigned to the sample by the Association of Friends of the Railroad Murcia itself.
Also visitors could see a selection of the work “Eppocalipsis”, artworks from the renamed artist Eppo Cardelo, and reproductions plumilla stations from Cartagena to Murcia (second railway of Spain, inaugurated by Isabel II), made by Murcia painter Ramon Rubio.
The exhibition is organized by GAIA Archaeology, Neighborhood Association Barrio Peral Cartagena and AMAF (Association of Friends of the Railroad) and it Salvius WINES companies collaborate and PUBLICARTAGENA, along with artists Eppo Cardelo and Ramon Rubio.