Be inspired by nature... this is art

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#"TheArtAtSchool" Project TEA

"Working through art the cognitive development of students, is nothing but give them a tool with which they can develop their ability to process and evaluate information based on perception, reasoning, intelligence, creativity, intuition and learning"


"Art is mathematical, is science, is history, in short, art is also real and global knowledge, based on theory and practice"

"All students have an amazing and unique creativity, because each of them is an independent and must be able to show "his genuine ability" his emotional potential, something that is not possible when you learn to work with traditional methods"

"My project "ART AT SCHOOLS" is an essential tool to bring both, students and teachers, an active learning system that promotes and energizes, the creativity and innovation in students"


"This way of working with students, allows us to awake in them all kind of artistic and visual concerns, but mainly helps them to develop a new situation that allows them to know, to feel, to show it to the teacher and peers, in a warm and safe environment”

"This new situation in which all students participate and no one is excluded, generates pleasure to the student at the time to observe, think and participate with their opinions"


"With this project "ART AT SCHOOL" students can share with a "Real" artist few classes in which the talks and interpretation of the nuances of the artworks are combined, with learning math, history, body language, motivation and personal growth, in an intuitive manner”