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Eppo Cardelo was born in Barcelona, the city where he grew personally and artistically.
He has studied to be a studio technician and radio journalist for EMUC, a profession to which he devoted himself in his younger years, successfully running a local radio station. Alongside this activity, he studied Fine Arts at the "Liceo Sant Jordi de Barcelona", and also �different courses at the Escola Massana, where he acquired the necessary skills to transmit all his artistic passion that has accompanied him since he was a child.

He expanded his knowledge and his art studies in different European cities as the same Barcelona, Rome and Madrid.
He has been dedicated to art and painting from an early age, specializing in the restoration of old paintings. For many years he pursued this work in his hometown, where he had the opportunity to apply his research techniques and work in modernist buildings of the city.
Inquisitive and self-taught, he continues to investigate and learn more about light, colors and shapes. Away from the classical painters, his style is opposed to any rule, being an eclectic and unpredictable artist.

His artistic works range from painting to music composition, through literature. Since he was a child, he felt the need to communicate through artistic expressions, and music has been one of his passions. >>>more info
Since childhood, he also felt a great concern about the world of literature, a tireless reader; he had the need to write stories presenting different narrative content for young people. Over the years, this need has become more pronounced until he managed to write his first literary essay. This first book is a work that deals with romantic relationships between couples. This work is currently under review, at the same time he is completing two other books.

Now, Eppo continues his artistic passion alternating exhibitions, creation and media, he has led a successful radio program "La tarde Eppo" in Gestiona Radio. With the archeologist Santiago Garcia Lorca, Eppo leads a program of mystery and history called "Versi�n Desconocida" because of the great interest in this program they decided to write a book inspired by it. In early June 2016, they published the book "Enigmas and mysteries of the hidden Spain" of the Almuzara publishing house, based on "VD"

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